The Azutech Advantage

Corporate Training

At Azutech, we are looking at building work cultures in which people bring commitment, innovation and passion to work. We offer corporate training to organizations that seek to improve their business productivity and people performance. Our key strength is customization. We integrate your organization's culture, values, systems and management style into our training programs thus ensuring that the training communication is in sync with your organizationsís mission and goals. Our blended learning solutions combine classroom sessions with E-Learning tools. This ensures transfer of learning back on the job.

Content Writing

We are specializes in content development. The team has created Learning Object based content for instructor-lead delivery in life skills and Technology such as communication, motivation, attitude and team building. The deliverables for the instructor-led modules range from student handout and exercises, activities and inventories, power point presentations, comprehensive trainer manual and evaluation solutions. We also give multimedia solutions and provide content, deployment, integration and maintenance services.


We facilitate computerized learning. The classroom extends onto the web. Training can be delivered online from any part of the world. It helps in organizing training lessons and provides access to online learning services for students, teachers and administrators. These services include access control, provision of learning content, communication tools, and organization of user groups. It also tracks the participant progress in a course. The learning materials on elearning can be given in any media format -from MS Office documents to high quality audio files, from simple illustrations to animated graphics and interactive audiovisual materials.

Training for educational institutions

With the job market getting narrower, employers are being extremely choosy in the fresher market. Staying on top of the ever-changing industry standards can be tough. While a college degree gives the right qualification to a student, it most often may not help him get the right job. AzutechTraining service offers career skills training for students. We understand employers. We know by experience, what an organization looks for in a candidate. We bring this experience to our training programs for campuses. Our training modules have been designed to ensure that every student gets intellectually and professionally styled to suit the requirements in the job market.

How we work with students

Assess the student's capabilities and personality customize the training module to suit the student expose students to the requirements of Indian and global employers. impart short term, intensive training programs that career & employability skills make him ready to win his dream job post training phase- e-learning/ e-communities & periodic mentoring

Training for NGOs & Government Enterprises

We work closely with public sectors, State Governments and Central Government departments to help them address their workforce training needs. We provide exclusive skill development training programs that are customized to suit the requirements of the government agencies cost effectively We understand the unique training requirements of Government enterprises at the state, central and local level. Our training help lower overall training costs help the candidates in developing their vocational skills, reduce human capital required to handle training, increase responsiveness that results in efficient management systems.

Training for individuals

If you are a working executive, a fresh grad or a mid career professional looking for specialized training programs, Azutech can help you.